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Frequently Asked Class-Related Questions


Class-Related Questions

Teachers’ Qualifications/Teaching Schedule/Class Sizes/Curriculum




Q: What qualifications do your instructors have?


A: All MathEdge instructors have at least earned their bachelor’s degree. Some hold master’s degrees or PhDs as well. Our math instructors are capable of teaching the advanced logic and concepts needed to understand the mathematics our students learn. Several of our instructors have engineering backgrounds and were trained to apply mathematics in applications. Most of them were also mathletes who participated in math contests in middle school or high school, and they have strong logical thinking minds. Instructors for our Writing+ program are all native English speakers. Some are experienced English schoolteachers, while others are professional and/or published writers. Please see our Teachers page for more information.


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Q: Does the same instructor teach multiple classes at the same level? Do you change instructors halfway through the year or for the summer?


A: We have the same instructor teach all the classes at the same level all year long whenever possible.


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Q: Do you have a pre-set curriculum that you teach or is the teaching material based on the students’ needs?


A: All our classes have a set topic or concept that is taught each week. We work with our students to reinforce the concepts that are taught. We cover a large amount of material over the course of the class.


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Q: Do you give parents feedback or progress reports on how their child is doing in the class?


A: Yes, parents will receive feedback on how their child is doing in class. We also give tests to help gauge students’ performance.


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Q: How big are your classes?


A: It depends on the class, but typically, each of our classes have 6-8 students. That number can be higher or lower.


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