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Frequently Asked Math Contests Questions


Math Contests FAQ






Q: How many contests does MathEdge have/participate in?


A: We have 2 of our own contests in May. MathEdge also has students try out for the Primary Mathematics World Contest (PMWC) in February, then trains 8 students selected from the tryouts to participate in the PMWC, held in Hong Kong in July. Our students are also trained and encouraged to participate in other outside contests such as the American Mathematics Competition (AMC), Math Olympiads, etc.


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Q: Can anyone participate in these contests or are only MathEdge students eligible?


A: MathEdge’s May contests are open to any student in the Bay Area, not just MathEdge students. The PMWC is an international contest with participants from different countries around the world. AMC, Math Olympiads, and other contests have their own rules and regulations for contest eligibility.



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