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Frequently Asked Homework-Related Questions


Homework-Related Questions

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Q: Do I need to buy any required textbooks or supplies for my child?


A: No, there are no required textbooks to be purchased. We provide plenty of in-class material for our students. MathEdge does use outside books for optional homework which students do need to purchase during the first day of class.


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Q: Do you assign any work or give tests to your students? How much homework will my child be assigned? How long will it take them to complete?


A: Optional weekly homework assignments for our math classes are given to students from a book we provide for purchase. We also give our students challenge tests. The time it takes to complete the homework assignments depends on the class level, but if the student understands the material and concepts, it typically takes them one to two hours per week to finish. Our Writing+ program has students produce one written piece of a different type (i.e. narrative, persuasive, informative, etc.) per week. They are also given a weekly vocabulary list to study.



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Q: Can I help my child with their homework?


A: Absolutely. We encourage parents to help their children with MathEdge assignments, believing that it helps them learn and understand the material better.


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Q: Can my child’s instructor contact me or my child to help with homework, discuss an issue, etc.? What is the contact information for my child’s instructor? Can I contact the instructor to get help with assignments?


A: MathEdge takes the privacy of its customers very seriously. We do not give out student or parent contact information to our instructors. If you wish to talk to an instructor, please call our office at (408) 725-2680 and we will contact the appropriate person for you.


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Q: Can my child’s instructor stay after class to help my child with their MathEdge homework or their regular schoolwork?


A: MathEdge instructors can, at their discretion, stay for a few minutes after class to meet with parents, help students with their MathEdge work, or answer any questions they have. If your child needs help with their regular schoolwork, we recommend our private tutoring services for that purpose.


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