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CODE+ Open House at Cupertino Site Only
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CODE+: Java | AP Computer Science Prep (G3-12)

Get trained to be a seasoned programmer. Step into the world of Object-Oriented programming and web design & development.


Writing+: Publish Your Writing Skills (GK-12, Sept-Jun)

This program aims to educate students on perfecting their writing techniques and cultivating stronger writing skills through various types of compositions (narrative, expository, persuasive, cause and effect, response to literature, book reports, summaries, biographies, etc.)



MathEdge+: Sharpen Problem Solving Skills and Excel in Math Competitions (GK-12, Sept-Jun)  (for advanced students)

This program teaches valuable problem solving skills, critical reading, logical math, written and oral presentation skills-in an all in one package. MathEdge students achieve great success in major national and international math contests.


CODE+ Program Introduction  Open House Schedule




Cupertino Site

7250 Bark Ln

San Jose, CA 95129

Jan 15 (Sun)