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Frequently Asked Misc. Questions


Misc. FAQ

Improving School Work/MathEdge Policies/Transportation







Q: How does the program help my child's performance in school?


A: MathEdge does not help schools directly and does not claim to. As a by-product of learning our advanced concepts and material, however, students should be able to easily do their school assignments.


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Q: My child is a new or potential student of yours. I would like to observe my child’s class or another one of your classes to see how it is conducted. Do you allow that?

A: Parents of new or potential students may observe a class by appointment only and for no longer than 15 minutes.


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Q: What is your policy on ... ?

A: For our policies on refunds, registration and tuition fees, returned checks, late signups, making up a class, student illness, late pickups, observing a class, and how MathEdge assigns students to classes, please see our policy or check our registration form.


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Q: Do you offer any transportation services to and/or from MathEdge in case I cannot take my child to or from your center due to scheduling conflicts, car problems, etc.?

A: MathEdge does not offer any transportation services for our students. We suggest having your child carpool with other students from your child’s school who also go to MathEdge as an alternative method of transportation.


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Q: I have a question that is not listed here.

A: If you cannot find an answer to your question on the FAQ, please call us at (408) 725-2680, e-mail mathedge@gmail.com, or use our contact form.


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