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Middle School Math Advancement / Challenge Test Prep (G5-8)   

In the Cupertino School District, current 5th and 6th grade Diagnostic for advancement tests will be covered in Common Core. This is the only chance to progress into the “CCSS 6th / 7th / 8th Algebra + Geometry” advanced track (regularly 9th grade).  Let us help you advance. Read Cupertino School Math  Advancement Pathway


This advance Placement Test Prep is designed for students who have learnt the concepts and wish to exercise on tests which help scoring high on the placement / diagnostic tests given by school. To maximize the effectiveness, the guided program is designed so students may exercise on different concepts at their own pace. This flexibility allows students to focus on improving the areas of their own weakness.


Course readiness may be assessed before joining.


Duration: 10 weeks of 2 hours each

Fee: $649/session


Cupertino Site Day and Time: Sun 10am | 1pm | Sun 3pm


Fall: 10/2/16 - 12/11/16

Winter: 1/8/17-3/19/17 (Excludes 12/25/16, 1/1/17, 2/19/17)

Spring: 3/26/17-6/4/17  (Excludes 4/9/17)


Registration: SchoolCourse RegForm   |     Online registration here




Cupertino Site Summer Day and Time: Mon-Fri 4-6pm


Summer 1a | Summer 1b: 6/11/17 - 7/14/17 (excludes 7/3/17 - 7/7/17)

Summer 2a | Summer 2b: 7/17/17 – 8/11/17



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