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Navigation Tips

Welcome to the new website!

We would like to take this time to explain the new website and how to navigate it.



The website content is broken up into categories and each category is listed as a tab (one of the purple rectangles near the top of the page). The tab is clickable, meaning you can click on the tab and it will lead you to a web page.

For example, if you click on the Programs tab, you will be redirected to the Programs page which gives a little introduction to each of the programs MathEdge offers. To view more information on each program, you can either click the link in the Program page or click on the respective dropdown item.


Dropdown Items




























Bottom Navigation

At the bottom of each page, there are more links to other parts of the website. Some of them are already in the tabs and others are miscellaneous pages that don’t quite fit in the tabbed categories.









We have included a “Site Map” that provides a direct link to every page on the MathEdge website for your convenience. You will also find the date of the last update made on each page.


Questions? Comments?

Send them to mathedge@gmail.com or contact us via our webpage.



Many of the tabs have dropdown items. You can access the dropdown menus by moving your mouse over the tab. For example, when you move your mouse to the “Programs” tab, you will find several dropdown items. These items will provide in-depth information about that specific topic. After clicking the MathEdge+ dropdown item, you will be redirected to the page that describes the MathEdge+ program.



Some dropdown menus act as a “folder” and have more items you can click on. You can access these items by moving your mouse over any dropdown item with an arrow on its right side. A menu on the right side will appear with more information. In this picture, the mouse was first over the “Contests” tab, then the “May Contest” dropdown item, and now it is over the “May Contest 2008” item. When the mouse clicks on “May Contest 2008”, it will find information about that specific contest.


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