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Frequently Asked PMWC/Travel to Hong Kong Questions


PMWC/Travel to Hong Kong FAQ






Q: My child used to be a MathEdge student, will they receive a discount on the PMWC Team Tryouts?


A: Only current MathEdge students will receive a discount. All others will pay the slightly higher registration fee.


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Q: My family does not live in Cupertino, is my child eligible to participate in the PMWC Team Tryouts?


A: Yes, this tryout is open to any student in the Bay Area who is 13 years old or younger and Grade 7 or lower. We have students coming in from all over California.


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Q: My student is a 2nd grade or an 8th grader; can they still participate in the PMWC Team Tryouts?


A: Please e-mail or call our office to discuss your individual case.


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Q: What do you mean by choosing 2/9/11 OR 2/10/11? Why can’t participants participate both days?


A: Participant will only try out on one of those dates, not both. The two days will be giving the same test; there is no need for participants to come both days.


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Q: Where can I find sample problems?


A: Sample problems and answers can be found on our website here.


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Q: Where can I find the solutions to the sample problems?


A: After you register and pay for your student's participation in the PMWC Team Tryouts, we will send you a confirmation e-mail stating we have received your payment and provide the sample problem's solutions. Only those who are registered to participate in the PMWC Team Tryours will receive the solutions.


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Q: If my child qualifies to be in the top 10%, what would be the training schedule?


A: Every year can be different. We create the schedule based on the participants and our schedule. In the past, the training period were mostly on weekend evenings.


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Q: Is the 12-week training only offered in one location or in multiple locations?


A: At this time, the 12-week training is only offered in the Cupertino location. The team needs to train together to ensure everyone is on the same page. Training in different locations from other teammates will hinder the team's performance.


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Q: What are the actual dates of the competition in Hong Kong?


A: We do not know the actual dates of the competition in Hong Kong until later in the year. Please look at the sample itinerary for an idea of when and how long the competition is. The competition dates are typically in the middle of July.


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Q: My child and I would like to spend some time in Hong Kong before the contest dates. Are students and/or their family members required to book travel with the MathEdge group?


A: No, students and their family members are not required to travel with the MathEdge group to Hong Kong. Traveling with the group is encouraged, however, as students often like to be with their teammates.


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Q: Are airfare and travel costs included for the child’s accompanying parents/family members?


A: No, any family members accompanying the student must pay for their own travel and accommodations expenses.


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Q: What will the itinerary be for students participating in the contest and/or for accompanying family?


A: A guide assigned to the MathEdge group will pick up our group from the airport and take us to the hotel. Students will eat breakfast and lunch. Hotel check-in is usually in the mid-afternoon. After check-in, students can relax in their rooms and adjust to the time change and jetlag until about 6PM. That evening, the MathEdge team and their travel companions usually meet in the hotel lobby to get to know one another, have dinner, and for the students to get in some more practice before the contest.


The individual and team math contests are held at a local school.


Students can join tours and have meals together. Parents or other family members who have booked their own travel separately may also be able to go on tours and share meals with the MathEdge team. In the past, it was possible to add individual tours and meals but the contest organizer prefers that accompanying family members join us for all activities and meals. Please talk to our assigned team guide as soon as possible if you would like to join your child for the tours and meals. There is also a dinner and awards ceremony after the contests.


Sample itinerary from 2009 PMWC contest:




















Q: I want to invite other family and friends to the dinner/awards ceremony for the contest. How do I get extra tickets?


A: Please talk to our assigned team guide about obtaining extra tickets for the dinner/awards ceremony.


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Q: What if my child cannot or does not want to participate in the contest?


A: If your child cannot or does not wish to attend the contest, his/her spot will be given to the next student in line.



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Sample Itinerary from 2009 PMWC


Arrival of Student Contestants


Tour (Student Contestants)


  • Individual and Team Contests
  • Party
  • Prize Presentation Ceremony





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