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Frequently Asked Registration-Related Questions


Registration-Related Questions

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Q: How much are your classes? Do you charge any other fees?


A: Please refer to the Registration page.


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Q: Do you offer any payment plans for your classes? Can we pay monthly?


A: Unfortunately, MathEdge does not offer any monthly payment plans. No credit cards are accepted either, only cash or check. We do take online payment via PayPal for summer terms and contests.


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Q: Do you offer any discounts for your classes? Can multiple discounts be combined or used at the same time?


A: Yes. We offer a variety of discounts for new and existing customers that can be combined and used at the same time.


Early Bird discount:

- Register before a certain date to get 10% off. Please contact your local center for details.

Referral Discount:

- Get an UNLIMITED referral bonus of $40 per family referred to our Fall/Spring semester (minimum one full semester) by our current students. To qualify for the referral bonus, the referred family must not already be on our contact list and they must note the referring student on their registration form. The bonus is honored after the new student(s) has attended an entire month of class.

Second Program Discount:

- Get 10% off the lesser-priced program after signing up for two semesters of the first program.

Sibling Discount:

- Register a child for two full semesters and get $50 off the price for one semester or $100 off for two semesters when registering your child’s sibling.


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Q: How do we register? Can we register online?


A: MathEdge offers many registration options. You may call us at (408) 725-2680 to register. If you attend one of our free open house events, you may fill out a registration form there. You can also register online by filling out the provided form.


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Q: I am not sure whether MathEdge is right for my child. Can we sign up/try out a class for a month instead of a full semester?


A: Our general enrollment policy is for students to sign up for at least one semester. We believe this time commitment is necessary to ensure that your child and their instructor puts in the time and effort needed to improve your child’s skills to succeed in academics and in life.


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Q: What dates and times do your classes start and end?


A: Our regular classes run once a week from September through June, and we offer summer classes as well. Please check our online schedule or contact your local MathEdge center for specific class days and times.


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Q: How long is each class?


A: Our classes generally last 1½  hours. For students in grades 9-12, classes can be 2 hours each.


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Q: Do you offer one-on-one or group lessons?


A: MathEdge generally has relatively small class sizes to foster group discussion and interactivity. We also offer private tutoring services. Please call (408) 725-2680 or contact us for more information.  


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Q: Can we start enrollment in the middle of a semester? Can we start at the 2nd semester?


A: Yes, late sign-ups are allowed. Classes are prorated if sign-up occurs after the semester begins. The minimum enrollment fee is for half a semester.


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