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STEM Enriched Afterschool Program Open House
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STEM Enriched Afterschool (GK-6, Aug – Jun, Mon-Fri 2:30-7pm)  

 This program brings together highly acclaimed MathEdge and the popular Bricks4Kidz to deliver high quality, educational play to the GK-6 students.

· Bricks4Kidz Classes built on the universal popularity of LEGO®Bricks to deliver high quality, fun, enriching experience for your child, building new projects each week using the classic LEGO®Bricks loved by generations.

· MathCore program is created to help students achieve day-to-day success and ace their Math common core tests in school. It teaches students to reason abstractly and quantitatively, to construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others, to attend to precision, to look for and make use of structure, and to look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

· EnglishCore enables you to ace the English Language Art (ELA) in school. It is a collection of practice materials aligned to the English Language Arts State Standards in the areas of reading, writing, and language. It is designed to be more rigorous and allow for students to justify their thinking.  


(School Math (CCSS 6/7/8 | preAlgebra | Algebra | Geometry | Algebra2 | PreCalculus ) (G5-12, Sept-Jun) 

In the Cupertino School District, current 5th and 6th grade Diagnostic for advancement tests will be covered in Common Core. This is the only chance to progress into the “CCSS 6th / 7th / 8th Algebra + Geometry” advanced track (regularly 9th grade).  Let us help you advance.


MathEdge+: Sharpen Problem Solving Skills and Excel in Math Competitions (GK-12, Sept-Jun)  (for advanced students)

This program teaches valuable problem solving skills, critical reading, logical math, written and oral presentation skills-in an all in one package. MathEdge students achieve great success in major national math contests such as AMC 8/10/12, MathCounts, Math Olympiads, and international math contests.


Code+: Computer Programming and Web Design (G3-12, Sept-Jun)

We teach children Computer Programming skills (such as Java, HTML+CSS, Java Script, AP Computer Science , etc.) while having fun. We introduce them to the concepts of robotics and electronics. Students will get a hands-on experience of programming. Programming skills are essential in having a successful engineering career.


Writing+: Publish Your Writing (GK-12, Sept-Jun)

This program aims to facilitate students in publishing their writings. It educates on perfecting their writing techniques and cultivating stronger writing skills through various types of compositions (narrative, expository, persuasive, cause and effect, response to literature, book reports, summaries, biographies, etc.)



Open House Schedule





7250 Bark Ln

San Jose, CA 95129

Nov 2, 2017




43385 Ellsworth Street

Fremont Ca 94539