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Frequently Asked Summer Camp Questions


Summer Camp FAQ








Q: Who should take the summer camp(s)?


A: MathEdge+ AM Summer camps are designed for students who want to improve in math contests and learn problem solving, logic , and reasoning skills. Writing+ PM Summer camps are designed for students who want to improve their writing skills.


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Q: What level will my child be placed in summer camp?


A: New summer students are assessed after the first day of the session and grouped based on their grade and capability. We strive to put students in the right group, so they can be challenged, and be happy. Summer sessions are a lot more flexible in terms of which group students would be in.  


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Q: Is the content you teach different for multiple weeks?


A: Yes, we teach different content every week.  


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Q: How intensive is your summer session program? Will my child(ren) have any fun?


A: Our students learn a lot in the summer sessions, but they are not intensive, and we make sure students have time to have fun. We spend one and half hour teaching different math concepts, half an hour for games and snacks, and the rest of the time is devoted to contests. Students will go through a lot of problems that way and learn a great deal, but also have lots of fun. We try not to make the curriculum too repetitive or focus it too much on “math.” It is summer, after all!


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Q: What is the difference between the AM session and the PM session?


A: The AM session teaches problem solving. The PM session teaches reading and writing skills. Each session focuses on entirely different concepts and material.


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Q: Is lunch provided if a student attends both the AM and PM sessions?


A: No, students must bring their own lunches with them.


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Q: My child is only enrolled in the AM session. Are late pickups allowed after the AM session?


A: We strongly advise you to pick up your child on time after the AM session. The camps have been designed to provide care throughout the day for students enrolled in both the AM and PM sessions. Unless we have other students staying through lunch for the PM session, we may have to charge extra to compensate our instructor’s time for staying late after the AM session.


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Q: Do you have recess or a break time for the students?


A: Absolutely. For every camp, we provide half an hour each day for students to play games, have a snack, or use the time however they want to.


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Q: Do you offer any discounts for your summer sessions?


A: Yes, we do. You get 10% off if you sign up for 5+ whole day camps or 10+ half day camps. After that, you can receive an additional 10% off for early bird sign-up (register before March 15).   



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