AP Computer Science

(This test prep prepares students well for the revised high school AP Computer Science Exam in May) (10 wks)

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Corresponding to the two sections (I and II) in the official AP Computer Science Exam, this prep is divided into two courses: AP Computer Science I and Computer Science II:

AP Computer Science I: (10wks of 2hrs ea) Section I test practice and review.


  • Top down and bottom up implementation techniques.
  • Object oriented design concepts
  • Methods of encapsulation and information binding
  • Procedural Abstraction
  • Programming Constructs
  • Text Outputs
  • Control methods including recursions, sequential and conditional execution and iterations
  • Expression evaluations
  • Program Analysis , Searching and Sorting
  • Standard Data Structures

Prerequisites: Basic concepts of Algebraic Functions and Logical Reasoning

AP Computer Science II (Free Response questions): (10wks of 2hrs ea) Section II test practice and review.

Prerequisites: Basic Java Syntax and Object Oriented Programming concepts.