Do you dream of starting a company or landing a high paying job working for Google, Apple, or Facebook as an engineer when you grow up? Do you desire to be selected for your school’s robotics team – or even win a Robotics competition? Do you want to score a five on the high school Computer Science AP test?

You can achieve these goals by getting an early understanding of Computer Science and exposure to Computer Programming Languages such as Java, Python, and C++ at a young age. Start now and get an early edge in life.

Come join one of these programs! We have a large variety that cater to students of all abilities. From science to robotics, browse through our programs and find the one that is right for your student!


Students will get a hands-on experience of programming. They will learn to program games that they are familiar with. Come and join one of our ongoing programming classes and get trained to be a seasoned programmer. Programming skills are essential in becoming a successful engineering career.


AP Computer Science+

This course prepares students well for the high school AP Computer Science Exam in May. Students will learn advanced concepts such as object oriented design, data structures, procedural abstraction, and program analysis