We need people who are available after 4 PM during the week working at the center (teaching weekend is also required), at a school or at community centers.

 For teaching at a school or at community centers, we do require fingerprinting for a background check and a TB test.  

 We offer competitive hourly pay. We’ll provide teacher training and all teaching materials.

Interested in applying? Please click this link to access the application.

Math Instructor

MathEdge is looking for experienced Math instructors.

 We prefer individuals who are good at math especially having math contest experiences and also who have experience in teaching children. Having experience in problem solving and competitive mathematics is definitely a plus.

 We want individuals who can make math fun for children of all ages and strongly believe the importance of mathematics in our daily life. We also want individuals who will be punctual to their assignments.

English Writing Instructor

MathEdge is looking for experienced English Writing instructors.

 We require individuals with English major or related fields and have strong knowledge base with grammar and writing.

 We prefer individuals who have classroom teaching experiences. Retired experienced English school teachers are ideal.

 We want individuals who enjoy critical writing and can brainstorm ideas and can motivate students to be better writers.

Online Application

Interested? Please complete the pre-interview form below and submit it online or print it off and mail it to :


7250 Bark Ln

San Jose, CA 95129.

 Please answer all the questions as best you can. Multiple answers are welcome.