CODE+ | JAVA+: Computer Programming and Web Design & Development

(G6-12, Sept-Jun)    

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System Requirements

  • Computer with OS Windows 7 or higher

  • Use Notepad (Windows) or Text Edit (MAC) for text editing



Overview: Java+PPT

Do you dream of starting a company or landing a high paying job working for Google, Apple, or Facebook as an engineer when you grow up? Do you desire to be selected for your school’s robotics team – or even win a Robotics competition? Do you want to score a five on the high school Computer Science AP test? You can achieve these goals by getting an early understanding of Computer Science and exposure to Computer Programming Languages such as Java, Python, and C++ at a young age. Start now and get an early edge in life. MathEdge was started by a group of professionally trained engineers. We understand the importance of STEM (Science + Technology+ Engineering + Math) education in order to be competitive and successful in the 21st century. We have designed comprehensive programs. We have different levels of curriculum to accommodate varying levels of skill and age with fun and easy concepts for students of all ages to understand. We teach children Computer Programming skills while having fun. We introduce them to the concepts of robotics and electronics. Students will get a hands-on experience of programming. They will learn to program games that they are familiar with. Come and join one of our ongoing programming classes and get trained to be a seasoned programmer. Programming skills are essential in becoming a successful engineering career.


Java Beginner (G6+, no prior programming knowledge required)

This is an Introduction to computer language programming course. Expose students to the programming tools.   Learn the fun and power of Java programming.


Java Intermediate (G6+, prerequisite: Java Beg)


  • Object-Oriented Design Concepts
  • Incorporate GUI in programs
  • Handle Images in GUI
  • Design Front End Application in GUI
  • Design a Student Records Signup Form

Student’s Sample Codes: FUN WITH NUMBERS: Find the mean of any six numbers, taken as user input. Scanner class. CONVERSION GAME: Convert the system of units like dollars to cents SCORE BOARD: Calculate the total number of goals scored in a golf game WEATHER FORECAST: Find the highest and lowest temperature in a week using the concept of arrays


Java Advanced (G6+, prerequisite: Java Int)

The course teaches algorithms and programming design strategies. Design and implement programs to solve problems.


HTML + CSS Web Development

HTML is used to create websites. It gives the capability to arrange graphics on webpage, link to different pages within a website as well as link to different websites. CSS is a stylesheet language that describes the presentation of HTML document. CSS elucidates how elements must be rendered on screen or in any other media.


  • Create your own web page
  • Learn to Jazz up your web site with animations and designs
  • Style your website with CSS
  • Learn to add visual excitement to your website
  • Learn to design forms
  • Learn to publish your website to the Internet



JavaScript is the most popular programming scripting language for the Internet. Its power is to make the web pages interactive and responsive. It is lightweight and easy to learn. It is used in almost every website to respond to user actions, validate web forms, detect browser support, and much more.  


  • Learn the basic programming concepts like data types, functions ,control structures and Strings
  • Create functions to organize and reuse your code
  • Modify HTML to create dynamic web pages
  • Learn to Use DOM and jQuery to make interactive web pages
  • Learn to Use canvas elements for animation
  • Learn to program user controlled games

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS


Code+ Summer Program

This summer program is hands-on and targeted toward a general audience, not requiring prior programming experience. Students will learn Java programming skills. At the end of each week, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate and showcase what they have programmed.

BEGINNER (Grades 3-5)

  • Take your first steps towards robotics!
  • Explore JAVA in a playful way!
  • Create your first game called “Flappy Bird”!


  • Bring out the inner geek in you!
  • Build a ping pong score board!

ADVANCED (Grades 9-12 )

  • “STEM” up your career with JAVA!
  • Brush up your JAVA skills
  • Get your first hands-on experience in graphical interface
  • Dive into the concepts of object-oriented programming!


School Year:
Session 1 9/9/18 - 11/11/19
Session 2 11/18/19 - 2/10/19
HTML + CSS6+2.5 hrs
Sunday 1-3:30pm
JavaScript6+2.5 hrsSunday 1-3:30pm
Java Beg6+2.5 hrs
Sunday 1-3:30pm
Java Int7+2.5 hrs
Sunday 1-3:30pm
Java Adv (Design)8+2.5 hrs
Sunday 1-3:30pm